Watching M&M’s Red and Yellow watching their fave shows.
Positioning the M&M’s characters as the “ultimate streaming buddies.” We created a series of adaptable “Gogglebox” style vignette animations starring Red and Yellow, exploring and reflecting streaming culture and behaviours, (marathon viewing, “cheating” on your partner with the next ep of your fave show, the mixed reactions when your fave character dies…) that could be reactively linked to popular streaming shows.

Created with a social-led mindset the vignettes were animated as a master asset that then could be formatted to work across all social platform and formats. This also enabled us to lean into data insights around popular streaming shows and moments, we then update the animations with props to reflect our audience’s behaviour, without having to explicitly partner with the shows referenced.


We enabled our audience to bring M&M’s into their own streaming conversations on their social posts, creating a set of bespoke M&M’s GIFY animated stickers and gifs that express streaming culture and behaviours.


The campaign extended to Snapchat where multiple filters allow users to share their streaming moments.





Placing M&M’s in an alternative Game of Thrones universe, without mentioning Game of Thrones.
The online chatter around Game of Thrones final season was immense. From fan theories to disappointments, Twitter was flooded with posts around the show. M&M’s wanted to align with the chatter in a more agile way, without the lengthy and restrictive process of partnering with the series. So we created an alternative memeiverse that reflected key moments and audience reactions without explicitly mentioning the series.

Using a “war room” approach, we worked alongside, designers, client and data analysts, watching the show live together and tracking online chatter. We were able to quickly turn around our memes and match them with copy that aligned with the show, reflecting current trends and discussions.

As with many activations when brands align with popular culture, our memes sparked some glorious reactions. And, in the holy grail of activations, we were rewarded with our very own counter meme.