Smart Energy GB and its campaign for a ‘Smarter Britain’ is a client like no other. Its role is to help the nation understand smart meters – from what they are, how to get one, and how to use their smart meters to get their gas and electricity under control. 

It turns out the average saving cost of getting a Smart Meter is only £10 a year, a pretty small amount. The challenge from Smart Energy was to make people care. 

Our thinking was that the benefit of £10 might not seem a lot of money to an adult but to the younger generation, it’s a small fortune. You can buy a unicorn or a sports car… or more importantly, the promise of a cleaner and more energy-efficient future.



An extension of the ‘Power of 10p’ campaign (featured below) Ainsley’s 10p Cooks leveraged the power of the meme and Ainsley Harriott to demonstrate a series of recipes you can cook for 10p.

Featured across social and Smart


OF 10P

Young people aged 21-28 weren’t interested in smart meters and research had shown general apathy for any mention of energy bills. We wanted to create a way for smart meters to be relevant, but also to drive home what exactly measuring bills in £s and pence means in interesting ways.

We created The Power of 10p, a campaign involving a series of challenges that focus on how much 10p of energy is. Driven by Google insights, we picked the passion points Beauty, Tech, Live Music Events & Food. We also used familiar faces such as TV presenter Maya Jama & social media influencers to help increase interest and drive the reach of the campaign.

The campaign ran live across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.
Achieving way over its predicted results the campaign broke serval benchmarks, won serval awards, and was even broadcast during the final of ‘The Great British Bake Off’.

Gold – Works for brands, YouTube
Gold – Social Storytelling. Marketing New Thinking Awards
Gold – Best use of digital, Digital Impact Awards



As part of the campaign for ‘A Smarter Britain’, we produced an ongoing series of content that featured both online and across social. Partnering with editorial I lead the creative output for serval months, which somehow included getting into a bathtub with a pig and spending 3 hours trying to get a cat to look up and down.

A campaign to promote the adoption of Smart Meters across the UK.  The Gaz ‘n Leccy awards were a way to give your housemates a not so subtle hint about their energy wasting. Thousands hit social media to nominate the wasters in their life for awards like the Shower Hogger, Bulb Burner, and heating Hooligan…Shaming them into action.

Campaign engagements totaled more than 3M on Facebook, 250k on Twitter, and UK mentions of ‘energy behaviors’ such as ‘shower hogger’ and ‘bulb burner’ were 600% higher than usual for the month the campaign was active.