2020 has been a year like no other! Pride events across the world have been canceled and many of the LGBT+ community have been left feeling isolated and venerable. As a proud Gay man, this affected me to my core – Pride is my happiest time of the year, I love the self-expression, feeling of love, joy, and belonging it brings to so many. So together with my creative partner Claire Gordon-Webster we made it our mission to find a creative solution to help.



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We’re Sticking with Pride – and so can you! Express yourself this Pride season with our range of Digital Pride GIPHY stickers to your celebrations. Let’s keep the pride alive.

Just as one might don a feather boa and sparkly hot pants to take part in the IRL pride celebrations we created a range of Digital Pride 2020 GIPHY stickers for our audience to augment their own Pride celebration content with, helping them feel part of the online celebrations and connected to one another.

The Digital Pride GIPHY stickers are fun, diverse and inclusive with all the main pride flags included and celebrated. Within the first few weeks of the sticker range going live they reached over 84 million views. Find your own pride flag here: Stick on Pride


A crucial addition to the original set of stickers is the Black Lives Matter LGBT+ Flags: created as a symbol of support from one community to another in a fight for equality, it has quickly risen to our most engaged sticker with 46+ million views.


‘Little badges of love’ showcase the whole colourful spectrum of the LGBT+ community. Trans to Non-Binary, Lesbian to Pup – each member and their allies can express their own LGBT+ identity with Pride.






Sadly, like so many other events in 2020 COVID put a stopper on Brighton Pride, but in true ‘The show must go on’ style Brighton went virtual. As part of the virtual celebration, Claire Gordon-Webster and I collaborated with Snapchat’s Official Lens Creator community and GSN’s Digital Pride to launch a world-first AR Pride festival floats. Discover spectacular AR Pride floats wherever you find yourself – from your kitchen, lounge, back garden…

Each AR Pride float comprises of a face Lens that allows a user to transform their face with fun and playful Pride inspired designs. Think drag queen makeup or rainbow face paint. Flip the camera around and you can place the individual Pride floats into your space, playing with their placement and size, fully immersing yourself in the AR Pride festival experience.



Working with a diverse range of creators, from proud members of the LGBT+ community to fierce allies, each float has a unique story.
To experience the floats search ‘DigitalPride Float’ on Snapchat, or open directly via the float snapcodes within the platform below.

Clara Bacou

Clara the creator behind the bright and playful Pride Parrot float said “Being part of the Pride and Digital Pride floats campaign brings me a lot of joy. The experiences I have had growing up attending this festival are some of my favourite memories…I’m so fond of this idea of being able to heighten the love online with AR and lift anyone who may be physically separated from larger communities or festivals to still share who they are and have their moment to celebrate.”

Joshua Keeney

Joshua brought his alter ego ‘Neptune’ to life in his spectacular, futuristic float. He loved being apart of the project appreciating the importance of technology for the future of Pride festivals: “It’s an opportunity to create not just a Pride that brings people together in the present when we can’t be together but also a Pride of the future.

Ant Eagle

I’m always looking to expand my knowledge of digital, so as part of the campaign I too became an amateur Lens Creator. Teaching myself Cinema 4D and Lens Studio to create our Digital Pride mascot Bow, a character inspired by our digital phone sticker – where Pride jumps digitally via a rainbow between two phones.

Tom Martin-Davies

Tom’s created his dancing gingerbread with the hope that his character would inspire the user to break into dance too. “Hopefully it will encourage people to get in front of the camera, join in and have a bit of fun.” “It means a lot to be able to show my support as an ally through my lenses and the Snap platform. Snap allows me to reach such a diverse group of users and hopefully provide some fun entertainment.”

Brielle Garcia

As an Official Snapchat Lens Creator, Brielle describes her style as quirky and fun. Her dancing Drag Queen float is certainly all those fabulous things.