M&M’s has to be one of my favorite brands, from impersonating Yellow to coming up with comical ways of getting our M’s into trouble. For the last couple of years, I have been the lead creative for M&M’s UK and Europe, developing digital, social, and innovative campaign work.



We’ve all been there you’re hooked
on a series but wait that can’t be it!
What will I watch next?

Introducing ‘Red’ the boxsetting and movie assistant, ask him anything boxset or movie-related. What to watch, what’s hot, what’s not or even what’s keeping Yellow amused/confused. He’ll even give you his opinion, remember what you’ve watched if you liked it and learn what to recommend you next. Go on ask ‘Red Recommends’ on Amazon Alexa or Facebook chatbot.


Red Recommends was the world’s first Amazon Alexa skill to be taken over by a character, Red ‘aka Billy West’ recorded over 10 hours worth of audio to make the skill possible. Over 500 title bio’s, comical responses, and even some hidden gems! ‘Do you know the muffin man?’




The skill also exists as a Facebook chatbot allowing a much wider audience the chance to interact and ask Red recommendations on what to watch. Simply search for ‘Red Recommends’ in Messenger to open the bot. 

To promote the campaign we created a series of truly scroll-stopping ads. Identifying trending videos we had Red hijacked the viewer’s stream literally throwing content out of their feed and then provoking the viewer  ‘Ask him’ what to watch.

The Mix, a campaign created exclusively for social that smashed all expectations.

Using the lentils we created a set of videos that brought the M&M’s Mix to life. Starting with simple letters ‘MIX’ the ad exploded to reveal each flavour inside, then dropping into the Mix bag the ad capture attention of our audience from start to finish.









To say M&M’s MIX was successful was an understatement, it drove a 36% uplift in sales of Mix. Making it the most effective Facebook campaign by any of the 61 brands of Mars Inc worldwide.

In fact, this campaign was so successful that Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, congratulated the team personally and trumpeted the campaign’s success in Facebook’s Q2 global quarterly conference.

The campaign was even featured as a best in class by Marketing Week



Telling a story in 60 seconds can be a challenge, well what if you only have six?
Enter ‘Couch Candies…’ A series of short, direct, and comical ads that advertising a streaming promotion for M&M’s and movies. Click below to join the M’s as they watch their favorite streaming series, laugh out loud at some comedy? Hide with Yellow from the fight night flick or get ‘cousy’ with Red and Yellow for some romance.




We all have a metaphorical devil and angel on each shoulder, with the M&M’s SnapChat lense now you can have them for real! Chose either Trick or Treat to decide your fate.



All of the M&M’s are proud of their nomination, no more so than Yellow, he’s so excited he’s pulled on his rainbow sweatbands and is excitedly holding one of the posts that got us the nomination.