Lucozade was one of my first brands – youth and full of energy it was a joy to work on, it was also the account that took me from Designer to Art Director.




Pink Lemonade was my first creative solo project as an Art Director, the challenge ‘Make the product appeal to a millennial audience’ so I thought WFT!

Shot by me in our agency cupboard the pitch photography was so loved by the client that Shane a fellow Designer/Art Director becoming the face of the campaign. It’s a success also lead to us launching every new flavour variant for the next two years.


Before I entered the social world I was ‘shopping’ – well instore. Ask me what an FSDU or shelf barker is and I’ll probably know the size.

Not as fun as social, in-store or shopper marketing did team me the complete marketing journey – from conception to purchase.




Limited edition bottle design, promoting Lucozades artist campaign The Yes List.

You. Your Mates. Goodtimes. was the campaign that lead the way for content capture at Lucozade. Following the main cast with a smaller second unit, we created a suite of photography and video assets that went on to be used across social, digital, press and packaging.