In 2018 consumers were outraged to discover a Bounty chocolate bar behind door number one of their advent calendar, sparking mass hysteria on social media…
Speed up to 2019. How do you respond to such shock? Dismay? Fury and indignation?
Well. You do it again. And do it better.

In the ultimate Celebrations’ consumer prank, we put a Bounty bar behind door number one and two of the advent calendar. Creating sheer panic.

Responding in real-time to the Twitter outcries, we created playful illustrations, trolling the consumers and creating a cheeky character out of the Bounty chocolate.

The activation was covered in multiple online publications including Ladbible, Huffpost, the Independent, Metro and The Sun and was picked up by ITV’s This Morning hosts, Holly and Phil. Overall, we saw a 32% increase in Celebrations’ audience share, and united Bounty lovers and haters across the internet with our playful illustrations.