I love cars, which is funny considering I don’t drive. But to me working on Audi was a dream come true, especially being driven around in an R8 by the agency ‘heartthrob’ on our Silverstone track day.



To launch Audi’s latest R8 we set pulses racing, showing the effect the new flagship sports car could have on a person’s heart rate.

‘Heart R8’ was a filmed experiment to establish how a person’s heart rate increases when they are confronted with the bone-shaking power of the R8 in a confined space. Watch in full screen and crank the volume up to 11.

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A simple YouTube hack allowing the user to take control. Clicking to shift gears users can experience the breathtaking power of the Audi R8 for themselves.



The Heart R8 brief also challenged us to create a new grittier aesthetic for Audi’s social identity, challenging the brand perceptions among a younger demographic. Our clients asked for “sexy car porn”. We delivered, and they loved it.




An Instagram hack that allowed users to discover the New Audi Q2 via following tags to featured accounts.

The Audi Q2 launch was also the first time any car used the Facebook Canvas feature.