Whether it be Asda, Tesco, or Morrisons – I love a good retail account. Fast-paced and seasonal you always have to be one step ahead and there is invariably something new to shout about.
From pitch to the present day I have been AMV’s Asda social creative touching almost every piece of content we’ve made for the green giant.



Since AMV won Asda I’ve wanted to turn one of their Crumpet characters into a face Len’s.
2020 is the year – introducing ‘Crumpet Heads’ featuring Asda’s Christmas Reindeer. Live on both Facebook and Snapchat it’s a category first food item lens.





How do you advertise during the midst of a global pandemic, when the country is in lockdown and you are unable to film in a traditional manner? Simple, encourage your audience to ‘Get Your Cook On’ and make the ads themselves.

UGC lead, ‘Get Your Cook On’ invited Asda’s audience to ‘cook up a storm’ with collected content forming a truly integrated campaign. As social creative, I was tasked with translating the celebratory, rallying cry of the TVC into social, from product focussed cut downs to a popular range of GIPHY stickers and UGC posts.

The nation truly ‘Got it’s Cook On’ from nachos to pizza, bacon sarnies to cupcakes, and even BBQs when we were allowed outside! The campaign even went on to recruited influencers DJ BBQ and Alison Hammond to add a touch of celebrity stardom to the cooking antics. I’ll never forget directing Alison via a video call 🙂 I think we laughed for about 3 hours nonstop.

Almost overnight Asda’s Get Your Cook On Giphy stickers became wildly popular, with users augmenting their own playful kitchen win and fail content. The fun and engaging sticker set is currently 70 million views and counting.

‘Keep In Touch With Your Boobs’ is Asda’s new rally cry to remind individuals to check themselves for Breast Cancer.

As part of their 2020 awareness campaign, we were tasked to create a simple but engaging ad to demonstrate four key instructions to spot signs of Breast Cancer.







The second part of the campaign was to encourage customers to purchase limited edition ‘Tickled Pink’ products, the proceeds from purchases helping to support Tickled Pink and its charity partners Breast Cancer Now and Coppafeel.




This has to be the biggest campaign and shoots I have ever worked on, filmed on a hillside in Prague with a cast and crew of 1000’s, in 30-degree heat with fake snow and turkey’s painted with Marmite. We truly brought Christmas home.




AMV’s first project for Asda and still one of my favorites – from TV cutdowns to custom capture it was my job to bring the social and digital world of #AAAAsda to life.

As part of the sweet of social assets, we introduced ‘Native Capture’ to Asda, filming content that replicates in-app formats and effects such as ‘Boomerangs, face wraps and slow mo’s’.  Out performing TV the sweet is still reference at everything briefing.